2024 Religious Freedom Annual Review

Becoming Peacemakers through Supporting Religious Freedom and Pluralism

June 20, 2024

We are busy editing the recordings of the sessions and will have those available in a few days. The general sessions which were live streamed are still available to watch. Watch the live streamed sessions.

View photos from the event: Album 1 by Tate Larson and Album 2 by Cooper Douglass.


What does it mean to be a peacemaker in America today? How can one reconcile engagement in the political and public sphere with living a life of faith? Can religious freedom and pluralism form a basis for mutual co-existence and peace? Can they provide means of healing our divided country or do they simply fracture our communities more? How can we stand up for principles and rights we care about while remaining peaceable? Pundits, scholars, religious leaders, and others from a variety of religious traditions take on these and similar questions at this year’s Religious Freedom Annual Review.

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